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She told me that traditional dating apps don't have what she's looking for. While dating in your 20s may mean a lot of compromise and dating people who have very different values than you, by the time you hit 30 those days are over. Most people go through a re-evaluation of life around early 30s on what they really care about and what they want they want out of life," said Dr. Wyatt Fisher , a licensed psychologist in Colorado and founder of a niche dating site.

One of the downsides of being more set in your ways and knowing exactly what you want is that you may not seem quite as fun to some potential mates as women in their 20s appear. Younger women are perceived as more 'fun' with fewer expectations and a more youthful appearance and body. Ryan said that many men even limit their online dating searches to only women up to age 35, regardless of how old they are themselves. Another reason that men may start dating younger women after 30 is that we tend to have a bit more baggage the older we are.

This isn't limited to women so you'll need to ready to deal with some baggage in your own potential partners too, like past relationships and maybe even kids from prior relationships. Some of these might not have ended amicably, and could have involved being cheated on or feeling violated in another way.

This can sometimes lead to fear in a new relationship, and past fears can haunt new relationships," said Candice A. When you're set in your ways and looking to find someone your own age, one of the best ways to do that may be doing something you love. Chances are, if someone else is doing it too, you may have more in common. The 30 somethings tend to do activities they enjoy that offer exposure to other singles like, running groups, art classes or volunteering," said Jaime Bernstein, a senior matchmaker for the professional matchmaking startup Three Day Rule.

But how can you find new activities and meet new people with shared interests? It turns out, networking isn't just for finding a new job! The great thing about networking is that even if you don't meet the one , you gain a ton of other benefits like improving your small-talk skills, trying new restaurants, and maybe even doing something you've never done before.

Sheyla Ventura, who is a brand coordinator for a dating app in New Zealand thanks to all of her personal experiences with other dating apps, told me that "networking has surprisingly become a thing" adding that when you share things in common, it's easier to find a more compatible person. Speaking of dating apps, just because the typical ones like Tinder and Bumble may not be ideal for women over 30, that doesn't mean there aren't apps out there.

Dating app users tend to say that there's a dating app for everyone, and it's true," said Gabriel Rotman, one of the co-creators of Jabo , a dating app designed around doing things specifically with people over 30 in mind. If you're an audiophile, there's an app to meet other audiophiles, and so on.

He added that Jabo in particular is an app to meet people who love outdoor recreation and an active lifestyle, which he said is great for people over 30 "because it helps them get back to their youthful selves. Once you connect, whether it's through an app or otherwise, things may happen a little faster than they did when you were in your 20s, at least from a commitment perspective. We all did things in our 20s we aren't proud of, we can all admit that, right?

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As we get a bit older, what's considered acceptable for both men and women in the dating world changes quite a bit. It isn't just about planning, though, it's also about behavior during and after the date. In your 30s, the men who are hanging around bars may not be the best quality people for long term partnership and many may be struggling with addiction issues ," Ryan told me. I don't mean that the amount the date costs is so important, though that's something to keep in mind.

What I mean is that after 30, people are concerned not only about their own money, but the general financial situation and responsibility of potential partners. April Masini , a relationship and etiquette expert and the author of the Ask April advice column told me this is very important when dating after They aren't always interested in someone who's making big bucks, but they want someone who's honest about their financial profiles.

Dating In My 20s Vs Dating In My 30s

An entrepreneur with huge debt is sometimes less attractive than a social worker with high credit. Financial experts like Kerri Moriarty, who is a founding team member of Cinch Financial , agree. Dating after 30 may not be the easiest thing to manage, but by getting to know potential mates once you're settled in your career and know what you really want, the relationship may be more likely to last for the long haul. And even if it doesn't, you'll be more secure in yourself as an independent woman to get back out there and give it another go with someone else when you're ready.

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5 Things Women Need to Know About Men in Their 30s

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Dating in your 20’s vs. dating in your 30’s (10 Photos)

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20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating 20s vs 30s dating
20s vs 30s dating

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